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Types of Glossing

After the  UV flatbed printer finished its printing, another layer of gloss for the surface of the printed material is necessary to gain the best printing effect and to show creative arts. Glossing will not only strengthen the image's resistance to light, dirt and abrasion but also improve the performance of heatproof and moistureproof.


According to the actual and expected effect of gloss, it can be generally divided into four types as bellowed:

Partial gloss, whole gloss, artistic gloss and matte gloss.


Here YOTTA offers some information about this:


Partial Gloss: Paint the gloss onto the important parts which need to be emphasized of the printing products. The contrast between high gloss and low gloss pictures creates wonderful artistic effect.


Whole Gloss: It improves the overall surface gloss of the finished products and protects them.


Artistic Gloss: It adds special artistic effect to the products; make them more lifelike, elegant and artistic.


Extinction Gloss: It mainly uses matte oil to decrease the surface gloss. It creates a special effect through the collision of the gloss finish, which is opposite to the regular gloss oil.

We need to learn the glossing technique well so that we can gain more satisfying and artistic printing products as well as meet the needs of the clients.



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